Tired of sitting at the table with just veg for your Christmas dinner?  Or maybe you're one of those unlucky ones who has a dehydrated nutroast to look forward to!  Well fret no more, we offer you a full Christmas menu as outlined below, delivered ready for the oven, anywhere in Cork City.  Deliveries will be on Christmas Eve.  Bookings made by contacting us through the website or social media platforms, order confirmed on receipt of a 50% deposit, balance on delivery.





Tempeh Wellington: Rosemary and Thyme infused tempeh in a puff pastry, surrounded by a slightly cheesy mushroom paste

Nut Roast: mixed nuts, lentils, sun dried tomato, chilly, you name it, it's in here!  There is a little bit of spice to this, but no real heat

Stuffing: traditional rosemary and thyme bread stiffing with onion

Gravy: homemade vegtable based gravy, this gravy won't be the dark brown one you may be used to, it is made with multiple layers of flavour from the other dinner items, rich and thick!

Garlic and Balsamic Roasties: pretty straight forward really, already roasted, these guys just need to be brought back to temperature


Cooking Instructions:

This package is so handy, pop the wellington into the oven at 200degrees for 30 minutes.  As the filling is already cooked, once the pastry is a lovely golden brown, it is ready to serve!

Nut Roast: leave it in its container, pop into the oven along with the wellington, 30 minutes is perfect for this

Gravy: Once your nut roast and wellington are ready to come out of the oven, bring the gravy to heat in a pot on the stove, you may loosen the gravy if you wish by adding water/stock/plant based milk

Potatoes: Once the wellington and nutroast have been in the oven for 10 minutes, pop these guys in too, all will be ready then at the same time.  About ten minutes into their time in the oven, give the container a good shake to stir up the coating

Stuffing: depends on how you like this, some people like it hot, others cold, if hot, pop into the oven for the last 5 minutes of cooking.


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